Week Two Pep-Up: Just Keep Writing!

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Week Two Pep-Up: Just Keep Writing!

Greetings Leviathan Lemurs:

We have sailed our Viking airship into the swirling, stormy skies of Week Two. Fear no inner editor evil for thy novel is with you. Valhalla awaits for those who press onward, with caffeinated concoction and laptop at hand.

Starting on about Day 8, usually up until about Day 14, something diabolical happens to many of us.  This is typically the week where writer’s block and inner editors emerge from the depths of our psyches’ collective Pandora’s box and wreak havoc on the progress we’ve made thus far.  Those of you lucky enough to escape this phenomenon in Week Two may boomerang back on to it in Week Three, so save these words for a rainy day.

You may find you’re getting a bit Shakespearean on yourself at this point.  Namely, asking that most troubling of questions that puts a plague on all our houses: To write or not to write? 

Perhaps you’re a Planner, and that beautiful seven point structure you outlined is starting to look like a labyrinthine gauntlet. Perhaps you’re a Pantser (writing by-the-seat-of-your-pants), and all of a sudden, plot bunnies are coming out of your ears. The Lop Eared Sitting Around Talking Shorthair will not leave your characters alone, who are all ceaselessly drinking coffee and chatting over trivialities.  Or perhaps the Luuuuuuuvvvvvv bunny paid you a visit and now half your characters are engaged in inappropriate romances that don’t make sense to you.

Perhaps you have none of these problems, but just this deep-seated and deeply-disturbing seed of self-doubt that says: this sucks! And so your inner editor, locked in her cage, like a Leviathan from the deep or a demon trapped in a dungeon, unfolds her dark wings, rattles the bars on her cage, and asks you that most troubling of questions again: “To write or not to write?”

Let me assure you that is NOT the question.  You may be wondering whether ’tis nobler on the page to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous prose or to take up arms against this sea of scribblephrenia and quit this crazy endeavor entirely. But let’s cut to the quick of it: just keep writing.

I could expound upon a myriad of recommendations you’ve probably already read from the wonderful pep talks from wondrous writers that HQ sends out, but what it all boils down to is this: just keep writing. Remember why you started on this seat-of-your-pants literary adventure in the first place. There’s a story deep inside you that is begging to be written, so write it.

The muse will not awaken you; you must awaken the muse.  If you chain yourself to a chair for at least two hours a day, you will awaken the muse.  If you write 1,667 words a day (no matter how bad they may be), you will awaken the muse.  If you stare at a blank screen long enough, you will awaken the muse. If you stare at your writing buddies’ soaring word counts, you will awaken the muse.  If you read a NaNoWriMo pep talk every morning, you will awaken the muse.

50,000 words may seem like a long way off, but just keep writing.  Whether you be at 35,000 words or 35 words, there is still plenty of time to reach that most fabled of NaNo lands: The Winner’s Circle.  So embrace the plot bunnies, hold tightly to your writing totem, or call on the plot ninjas if you need help, but JUST … KEEP … WRITING!

Winding down the gears (for tonight at least),
Lisa (lisawalsh)
Municipal Liaison :: USA :: California :: Los Angeles

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