Week Two: Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

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Week Two: Never Give Up! Never Surrender!


Hello Wrimos!

It’s November 5th, Week 2 is just a couple days away lumbering up slowly behind you like a zombie.

Right now we’re still in Week 1. Your ideas are exploding like the unstoppable hero/heroine in the zombie apocalypse. With your trusty flamethrower in hand, you’re easily keeping the monsters at bay. In fact, you’re conquering them with no problem!

But at the arrival of Week 2, your flamethrower is starting to lose gas. You’re starting to worry. You might even start to panic. You’re starting to second guess yourself. “What have I gotten myself into?! I can’t defeat 1,667 word zombies a day! Much less keep this up for 30 days!”

It is okay to take a few steps back to reassess your battle plans even though you’re feeling the pressure from falling behind. Your 1,667 word zombies are closing in and they seem to grow faster than you can handle each day, but like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, “Don’t Panic!”

You can still do it! You can still reach 50,000 words by November 30th.

Remember: “Don’t get it right. Get it Written.”

Your research and facts don’t have to be perfect right now. You can go back and fact check and research all you want in December. If you feel like your plot is shaky and has more holes than Swiss cheese, it’s okay! You are not alone. Everyone else is battling their word count monsters. Some are battling plot monsters. Others have characters that might have turned into monsters. Don’t run away from these monsters. Run with them!

If you’re really stuck, it’s okay to put down your flamethrower and just run to the next safe house and regroup. Find new weapons, grab a health pack, pick up some new ideas, and recruit new characters if you want. Those word zombies can’t break into your safe house. Once you’ve regrouped and recruited, you’ll be ready to knock down those zombies.

Just remember don’t take too long to regroup. Those pesky word zombies like to keep growing by 1,667 a day. Once you get through Week 2, it means you’re halfway there!

Good luck and keep writing!
~Jennie (AthenaKTT)
Municipal Liaison for Los Angeles, California

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