Week Three: !challenge

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Week Three: !challenge

!challenge: Write 50k in 30 days.

Okay, I’m into that. I’ve done it before. I’m doing better than I ever had, almost 2000 words a day. Timmy, will I win?

Timmy, the ChatBot: Absolutely! Not.

Timmy, this is not the positivity I need right now. If you’re going to be so negative, why don’t you jump off a bridge?

Timmy: !jump is not part of my training

Fine, fine. Give me a challenge.

Timmy: Include the beast that is Donald Trump’s hair in your novel

That’s… surreal, but might actually work.

*Timmy licks Xander! Tastes like juniper

Uh, ‘kay. Thanks for getting a little too much into my personal space. Hey…. what’s that brightly colored turkey behind you?

Timmy: Velociraptor sighted! Incident has been logged.

What? There are velociraptors around here! Wait, is that why you don’t think I’m going to win?

Timmy: I’m sure of it.

What should I do?

* Timmy looks around for a convenient window, then slinks off…
* Timmy throws Xander through the nearest window, where they land on a giant pile of fluffy fallow pillows.

I’ll be safe here?

Timmy: Never in your wildest dreams

Okay… I’m going to return to writing my novel … and wait for the velociraptors to eat me.

This was a presentation of ChatNaNo Theatre. You can meet Timmy the ChatBot ‘in person’ on ChatNaNo and follow him on Twitter @BotTimmy

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