Week One: Prepping for Less Sunny Weeks

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Week One: Prepping for Less Sunny Weeks


So here we are just starting off on the road to NaNoLot. Nothing bad has yet to happen, no one is dead yet (unless they started that way) and most of use still think writing a novel in a month is a good idea.

Over the next week you will face trolls and bad weather and then writing a novel will not seem remotely fun. You’re going to want to take your hoarded Halloween candy and curl up next to the Christmas tree you totally did not put up three weeks before Thanksgiving and cry, while wishing you could have taken back all your boasting about writing a novel to your co-workers.

Now that is no way to write a novel. What you need is something to keep you going. You need a question to ask or a mystery to solve, like a random crack in a wall. You need to make your villains truly evil, and entirely okay with being bad (which is good). Remember this is NaNo, Plot and Structure need not apply as long as it’s fifty thousand words.

Keep your word count up, you’ll need it high to survive Thanksgiving, particularly this year when that is the last weekend. Plan ahead and prepare for your favorite scene (the one that’s going to win you that [insert award appropriate to your genre]. And whatever you do, don’t look back.

Now go forth and ride onward to NaNoLot, let not the Editor bog you down and if it does, throw ninjas at it (and if that doesn’t work: Dinosaurs).

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