Week One: Here it Comes!

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Week One: Here it Comes!

Hi Fellow WriMos (not worrying about hurricane force winds)!

So here we are once again on the verge of National Novel Writing Month, preparing to face a dauntless foe who few can ever defeat. It’s fitting that NaNoWriMo begins immediately after Halloween. A day of fantasy and reflection, a day when we pretend to be not who we are, but who we would like to be.

Over the years it’s become much more likely to dress up not just as something scary, but as something you’d aspire to be. Many vampires and witches will be out Wednesday night, but there are also pirates and ninjas, not traditional terrors.

If you go to a party you’ll see someone as a bloodsucking demon, but you’ll also seen your favorite characters from popular television shows, movies, and novels. We dress up as the heroes who defeat the evil we see in media (or exemplify that evil in some cases).

Our dream is to make our characters like that. Imagine a decade from now you’ve made it big, you’ve sold your novel and you attend a convention to meet your adoring fans. One comes up to you in a freakishly realistic cosplay of your main character. They’ve got it down to the embroidered initials on the handkerchief and the style of the sword is perfect. They even look so much like what you imagined you think they may have gotten plastic surgery.

Even a poor costume takes weeks of work to pull off. It requires planning and purchasing and construction, usually by hand. They love that character so much they put that much work into something they can wear a handful of times in their entire lives.

So there is your goal, make a character so fascinating people wish they were him/her, put them in a story so intriguing your reader won’t put it down. Do this in thirty days.

Yes, you can do this. Even if you rewrite this story a thousand times, the character you make for this story will be essentially the same. Even if the plot changes, the conflict they resolve will still be there for them to overcome. Make this your best first draft ever and in ten years, you could open your door to hand out candy and see someone dressed as your character.

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