Week Four: Rebirth

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Week Four: Rebirth

“He’s been looking dreadful for days; I’ve been telling him to get a move on.” -Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, talking about his phoenix, Fawkes.

Does this describe your story? Have you been having trouble moving on? It’s a little past the halfway point in the month. For some of you, that energy from the beginning of the month is pretty much burned up, and it might feel like you are forcing your `words out one by one.

Those plot holes that you ignored at the beginning may be threatening to engulf your whole story. Writing a novel may not be very fun anymore. Maybe the solution is to get a new start.

Fawkes had to die before he could be reborn in his full glory again. You might need to let part of your novel go before you can move on.

Turn off that inner editor. Keep ignoring those plot holes. Pretend they didn’t happen. (You can always make a note to come back to them later if it makes you feel better.)

But like Fawkes, your novel will respond to loyalty. If you keep working at it every day, even if you only write a few hundred words a day, things will start happening in your novel. You will make it to the climax, where words will start flowing again, and your novel will feel like it has been reborn in all its former glory.

You will remember why you started this crazy adventure in the first place (or you will just want to get it over with as soon as possible, which can also be great motivation sometimes). Some of you are already there.

Your novel is in the process of being reborn, and you’re watching it start to blaze across the night sky. You’re in a good place in your story right now. All you have to do is get to the end. Whether you are in the midst of the painful process of watching your phoenix die, or exulting in it being reborn, the most important thing you can do for your novel in the middle of the month is write.

And for those of you with a just-hatched baby phoenix sitting in your lap — My first writing buddy to hit 50K this year made it on November 13th. The NaNoToons guy wrote 50k in 24 hours!

You have 12 days left. Even if you haven’t really started your novel, you still have a chance! Just keep writing,

Nita (nitaspitas)
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