Quest Writing Workshop: Santa Monica, December 10-13, 2014

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Quest Writing Workshop: Santa Monica, December 10-13, 2014

Join screenwriter Scott Myers, creator of The Black List’s official blog Go Into the Story for an intensive writing workshop at The Writers Junction from Wednesday, December 10th – Saturday, December 13th. The course offers participants the opportunity to learn the foundation of character-based screenwriting, workshop an original story, and develop an outline, all in one 4-day session with Scott Myers as your teacher, mentor and guide.

Day 1: We begin by digging into the first of three sections of the Core curriculum: Character. Then we workshop character treatments for the Protagonist from each writer’s story. Finally we go through a host of brainstorming exercises in which participants explore their respective stories.
Day 2: We interweave theory and practice, covering two other Core sections — Plot and Theme — as well as Prep exercises designed to help writers wrangle their stories.
Day 3: We spend a majority of time workshopping stories, each writer identifying major Plotline points to construct the spine of their story’s structure.
Day 4: Again most of the focus is on workshopping stories, the writers learning the benefits of index cards as we flesh out major plot and subplot elements, rounding them into shape toward a coherent, comprehensive outline.

In addition, a private online site is created for attendees to post exercises and feedback during the four day session, and continue the process after the workshop, moving on into first drafts. Indeed, many past participants have finished their scripts and are using the principles and practices they learned on new projects.

Where: The Writers Junction: 1001 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

 Dec. 10th-13th

Here are a few observations from some of the writers involved in previous Quest Writing Workshops:

“I’ve taken many courses (both academic and recreational), and the workshop was just an excellent combination of practical knowledge mixed with personalized attention.” — Pat Suh

“The Workshop time was unbelievable; your ability to foster such a positive, encouraging environment for the exchange of ideas is the reason it worked. Every single person grew their story from a loose idea into something that resonated deeply with the group.” — Jonathan Barger

“Thank you again for gathering together such an interesting, diverse group of aspiring screenwriters and providing us all with such a wonderful shared learning and networking experience!” — Melanie McDonald

“As an advertising writer I’ve been in a million brainstorms. But Scott’s classes are special. They’re more like braincyclones, where we generated a mass of powerful ideas that elevated our stories into places that surprised and delighted us all.” — Matt Herring

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Scott and the other participants in the inaugural Quest Writers’ Workshop. There was a palpable electricity in the air while we worked, the kind you wish you could bottle up to take a drag from whenever you need to be inspired.” — Lisa Meacham

“Thank you again for a great workshop, the results far exceeded my expectations. I can’t believe how far my story came in just a few days. The four-day course literally saved me months of planning!” —- Louise Baxter

“Scott is a fantastic teacher, and the energy amongst the Questers was palpable! Never have I been in such a positive creative environment in which everyone was genuinely interested in helping one another.” — Sarah Grimes

“I’m not trying to blow sunshine up your skirt when I say I got more out of those four days than I did all of grad school.” — Michelle Burleson

This is a real hands-on, immersive experience where we explore solid screenwriting theory, then put that theory into practice on your story, developing it from a concept into a full-blown narrative… all in four days.

If you have a story idea you believe is a strong one and you are passionate to write it…

If you like this blog and want more of the fundamentals of my approach to character based screenwriting…

If you want to learn a proven, professional approach to breaking a story in prep…

I encourage you to consider enrolling in my upcoming Quest Writing Workshop.

If you’d like more information, email me and I’ll be happy to forward you a workshop syllabus as well as answer any questions you may have. Or go here to sign up.


Scott Myers has written over twenty movie projects at every major Hollywood studio for Larry Gordon, Dawn Steel, Wendy Finerman, Chuck Gordon, Castle Rock Entertainment, Working Title, Outlaw Productions, and others. His writing credits include K-9, starring Jim Belushi, Alaska, starring Vincent Kartheiser, and Trojan War, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

He is a member of the Writers’ Guild of America West, and currently teaches screenwriting at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. In addition, Scott has taught through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program since 2002, receiving its Outstanding Instructor Award in 2005.

Scott graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s Degree (with Honors) in Religious Studies and Yale University, where he received a Masters of Divinity Degree cum laude. Introduced in college and graduate school to the writings of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, Scott continues to explore the relationship of their theories to screenwriting and storytelling.

Scott’s blog, GOINTOTHESTORY.COM, is a major resource for screenwriters and filmmakers all over the world, and has been named “Best Blog for Aspiring Screenwriters.”

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The Writers Junction Workshop: Anatomy of a Premise Line

There are apparently a lot of things going on this weekend!

The Writers Junction in Santa Monica is having a workshop with Storygeek’s Jeff Lyons Saturday, February 16, 2013.

Workshop Details:

A solid premise line is essential in writing effective agent or publisher query letters, pitching film production companies or studios, or for having that perfect elevator pitch ready for that unexpected meeting with whoever might be empowered to move your story forward to final publication or production. But how do you know you really have a story? And how do you know your story will “work”?

The way you know is by learning the real meaning, purpose, and power of the premise line. The premise line is not just a “pitch tool” — it is your canary in the coalmine, and when fully mastered can save you time, money, and years of writing frustration. In this hands-on course, participants will learn how to master the dynamic process of premise line creation, design, and testing, which is so critical for validating any story’s narrative integrity. Along with case studies from the movies and literature, participants will take original story ideas and then implement premise building and testing techniques to generate an original premise line, as well as developing a story’s log line.


What: Anatomy of a Premise line: 7 Steps to a FoolProof Premise Line and Story Development
When: February 16, 2013
Time: 1:00PM – 4:00PM
Cost: $65
The Writers Junction
1001 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

To attend this workshop, visit for more information.