Prep for NaNoWriMo with free online courses from the Los Angeles County Library!

COLALibrary-GalecoursesPosting on behalf of Madeline Wright.

We’re all busy counting down the days until NaNoWriMo begins. If you’re looking to top up your writing skills until then, you’re in luck! With your LA County Library Card you can enroll in a selection of six-week online writing and publishing courses, free.

Lessons are released each week on specific topics with fun interactive activities, hands-on assignments, and access to a discussion forum, FAQ, and other resources.

Examples of course offerings:

  • Writing for Children
  • Mystery Writing
  • Research Methods for Writers
  • Writing Young Adult Fiction
  • Write Fiction like a Pro
  • And many more

New courses start each month. The next session starts on August 20. Head to to signup.

Direct link to courses here:  Writing and Publishing: Creative

About the Author

Madeline Wright has participated in NaNoWriMo since 2003 (Kwas). She hails from the South Bay region of LA and her favorite genre to write is YA. Her regular blog is A Mad Vox. Follow her on Twitter at @SoCalMad.

LA Community Announcements

One reason we’ve decided to start a NaNo Los Angeles site is to promote things that are happening in the Los Angeles Writing community outside of NaNoWriMo. Here are a couple things that have been brought to our attention.

The Writers Junction

Need a quiet space to write? Starbucks too distracting? Home to comfy? Outside too sunny? The Writers Junction might be your cup of Coffee! For NaNoWriMo participants, The Writers Junction is offering a discounted membership to use their facilities for 24/7 the month of November at $209. Membership allows use of their facilities and coffee and tea is provided, and all located in beautiful Santa Monica. The best description I can find about The Writers Junction right on their front page.

“The Writers Junction is an affordable shared workspace for writers. It’s where you’ll find the quiet of a library, the society of a coffee shop, the focus of a daily office, and the camaraderie of a private club. It’s where you can work in splendid isolation, within a supportive community. It’s where writers write.”

To get the NaNoWriMo discount, just mention your participation in NaNoWrimo in the “Please tell us something about your current projects:” section of the Membership Application.

Online Creative Writing Courses

Fellow NaNo Los Angeles WriMo K. Andrew Turner has great creative writing courses available for those interested in crafting fiction, developing character, point of view, story and plot, revisions, and much more. Most classes run for 30 days and start at $20 per class.

For more information please visit Creative Writing Courses+.