Reading books? But I was planning on planning!

Okay, men (and women),
This is it. The big one, The one we’ve all been waiting for. has been wiped and reset to 2017. You can log in and create your novel!

You can also Introduce yourself and begin hosting write ins (prep ins?). There’s already several Write Ins set down and on the calendar. And it’s only October 2nd!


So, did you know we have a Goodreads group? I know, reading books is not nearly as enjoyable as actually writing them, but hear us out. Last month, we read Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, who, guess this, is a local wrimo, who wrote it for NaNoWriMo and got published. FYI, she may show up to an event to say ‘Hi!’.

This month we’re reading Switched by Amanda Hocking. Amanda started out as a self publisher with help from Pronoun, one of those sponsors from HQ (who also sponsored TGIO last year). These days she’s published by Macmillan and she’s coming to our TGIO party to give us some advice on self publishing.

If you haven’t been participating, or didn’t know, it’s not too late to read the books and start chatting about them in the group. It’s entirely possible active group members might get a little… something… at a later date.

9 Weeks until NaNoWriMo continues

Alexis’s NaNo Prep Facebook posts are continuing at high speed. It’s not too late to join her (and officially make the Prep group larger than the regular group…)

And now its really time to prep because before you know it it will be time for…


Kick Off

El Cholo Pasadena
Sunday, October 29th 3-5pm

Per usual, we will have door prizes and a raffle. Hopefully we won’t over do it again (last year no one left empty handed)

The forum RSVP is open here and you can also see the Facebook event here.

Midnight Blast Off

Dupars Pasadena
Tuesday, October 31 (All Hallows Eve) 10pm – Wednesday, November 1st (All Saints Day), 2am

Julie is the one risking her soul to host on the most terrifying of nights (that entire week is actually a bit creepy). Battle your way through the ghouls and goblins to join the first write in of the month. Reward your endeavors with pie (or a burger. that works too).

The forum RSVP will open in about two weeks. The Facebook event is here.

Great Train Escape

The Escape to San Francisco for the Night of Writing Dangerously is still around. Now organized by syaffolee, but Betty will be getting on the train from LA.

Meanwhile Julie and Alexis are planning on bidding them farewell before taking the local trains around for a bit of a Ride in,. I mean write in. It’s listed on the calendar!

Thank God It’s Over (TGIO)

Geeky Teas, Burbank
Sunday, December 3rd, 3-5 pm

Finally, when it’s all over we’ll party in Burbank. There will be some sort of refreshment and there will be Amanda Hocking telling us about self publishing. And probably some prizes because what’s a NaNo LA event without prizes?

Geeky Teas is also the GeeKitties cat rescue, so there are cats on premise, basically on the opposite side of the building from us.

I think that’s everything currently happening. Save the Dates, read some books, prepare your families for your vanishing act next month.


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First Ever Night of Writing Glamorously!

2014 NOWG

Click image to download flyer pdf.

Have you ever wanted to attend Night of Writing Dangerously up in San Francisco?

Have you ever wished Night of Writing Dangerously wasn’t so expensive or so far away?

Have you ever wanted to attend an awesome write-a-thon event with awesome food, prizes, and other WriMos?

If you have answered yes to any or ALL of these questions, then NaNo Los Angeles has the perfect event for you!

For only $35 you can attend our FIRST EVER NIGHT OF WRITING GLAMOROUSLY!!

Date: November 16, 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM

West Hollywood Auditorium
647 N. San Vicente Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Details: Just north of the new West Hollywood Library and parking structure on the corner of Melrose and San Vicente. Parking is validated for up to 2 hours and then $1 for each 20 minutes with a maximum of $6 for Sunday. Plenty of power but no wi-fi available.

We will hold word wars, word springs, and other fun activities geared to get tons of words onto the page in the most fun matter we possibly can! And if you haven’t guessed, our NaNo Los Angeles Theme is STEAMPUNK! Costumes are not required, but encouraged.

Still can’t decide if you should go?! Check out our awesome Buffet Menu and Raffle Prize lists!

Buffet Menu
  • BBQ Beef
  • Grilled Chicken Breast w/BBQ Sauce
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Sauteed Vegetables
  • Mushroom Pasta
  • Hearty Garden Salad
  • Rolls w/Butter
  • Assorted Cookies & Bars
  • And soft drinks
  • Activision Games Bundle
  • Awesome NaNo Inspired Poster
  • No Plot No Problem – Revised edition
  • Bag of writer books from The Lost Bookstore
  • Steampunk Tarot Deck
  • $25 gift card to California Pizza Kitchen
  • $25 gift card to Coffee Connection
  • NaNo Los Angeles Raffle Bag

Why Attend?

Still not convinced?! You should attend because NaNo Los Angeles is a Glamorous Region with equally awesome WriMos! We want to have our own shindig where LA WriMos can dine and write together in style… Steampunk style.

Also this event is a fundraiser and all proceeds go to NaNo Los Angeles events and to NaNoWriMo.

So show your support to NaNo Los Angeles and NaNoWriMo by coming to NOWG, have an awesome dinner, and have chances to win awesome prizes from our sponsors as you write your way to the 50K finish line!

What are you waiting for?! Come join us for a glamorous night of writing and dining! There is limited seating so don’t wait too long to RSVP!

RSVP today @ our Meet-up page

Last day to RSVP is November 8th  extended to November 10th, so don’t delay!

Note: The $35.00 per person is required to RSVP.

2013 Great Train Escape

GTE-steamengine-graphicThe Great Train Escape is happening again this year!

What the heck is The Great Train Escape? It’s the coolest 11 hour write-in you’ll ever spend on a train!

Basic Info:

We reserve a 20 seat section of the train. We meet in the center of LA Union Station, between Starbucks and Famima at 9:30AM. If you’re late and receive a seat assignment, you don’t have to sit where the conductor assigns you. Just walk the train until you find us.

If boarding at another stop besides LA Union Station, tell the conductor you’re with NaNoWriMo, and he should be able to direct you. The conductors have been really nice the past two years. The Amtrak staff is fascinated by us.

Basic Itinerary:

November 15, Friday, about 16-20 WriMo’s board the Amtrak Coast Starlight train (10:10am at LA Union Station), coach class, and enjoy an 11 hour train ride from Los Angeles to Oakland (arrive ~9:30pm). Then we split cab fare into Union Sq (~$40, $10 each) and go to our hotels.

The train cruises along the beach for most of the trip, so the sunset is gorgeous. The old fashioned dining car, with waiters, is an elegant experience, even if the food is well… far from gourmet, and your loving MLs imbibe your writing with free wine.

The seats are huge and you have a private power outlet. The Wifi, so far, has not existed, even though they say it’s available.

NOTE: Amtrak gives you a 10% discount with AAA if booked 3 days in advance.

November 16, Saturday, enjoy San Francisco, check out Alcatraz if you’ve never been, and then attend the evening Meet & Greet party with the NaNoWriMo staff at a German schnitzel house about a 15 minute walk from Union Sq. The party is usually 7pm-9pm. There is often a late night write-in afterward – Rumor has it that Sara will be hosting a write-in at the lobby/bar of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square. Once this write-in is confirm it will be announced at the Meet & Greet party.

November 17, Sunday, brings you to The Night of Writing Dangerously (NOWD), which starts at 4pm with an open bar. The Julia Morgan ballroom has round tables, each with power outlets and the room has descent Wifi. Dinner and munchies are provided, and the bar is free all night. This is the Write-a-Thon of all write-a-thons. It’s AWESOME! The party basically goes until midnight. Save some space for the late night milk and cookies!

November 18, Monday, Fly home. The train ride home is really long, and you’ll be all alone, unless a few other WriMo’s plan to take the long ride back as well.

NOTE: In past years, the NOWD has been the weekend before Thanksgiving. But due to such a late Thanksgiving, this year it is two weekends before Thanksgiving. That means it’s still Conference Time in San Francisco, so hotels are ridiculously expensive, but train and airfare are cheap. So if you’re wondering why your hotel was only $120 last year, but is $300 this year, that’s why.

Hotels Options:

Air B&B is a great website for renting people’s apartments when they’re out of town. It’s typically about $100/night. Make sure you look at location.

Kimpton hotels in San Fran are swanky, well-located and keep popping up with descent deals. Today Serrano Hotel in Union Square is offering $204 for a deluxe, 2 double bed room. Grab a room mate and this is a descent price. (AAA discount available) Sara always stays at a Kimpton and will vouch that it’s well worth the money.

Many of the bigger hotels take AAA discount. Always check.

The Mosser is a decent location and decent price (Shared Bath Queen – $129/nt) if you don’t mind sharing a bathroom. Warning – Reviews are mixed.

The San Fran Downtown Hostel is a good option, and in the past, WriMos have all roomed together in a 4-person room at about ~$30/person/night. The private rooms are also quite nice to share if you have a roommate. Just keep in mind you need to keep very quiet after hours since residents live on that floor and the walls are apparently paper thin.

Keep checking Priceline, and Orbitz. Book something now, and then if you find a better deal, cancel the original reservation.

If you have any other questions about the Great Train escape, contact Sara at smcbride (at) caltech (dot) edu or check our “Great Train Escape” tab on the Menu bar for a bit more information about the weekend.