NaNo Los Angeles 3rd Annual Anthology – SUBMISSIONS OPEN

lemur_nanolaIn the tradition begun by our Editor Emeritus and former Los Angeles Municipal Liaison Sara, I am pleased to announce our call for submissions for the third annual NaNo Los Angeles Anthology! Our first anthology,Believe Me Not, comprised 46 stories including 12 from writers ages 10-17 and can be purchased online here. Our second, It’s About Time, managed to boast more than a hundred pages morethan the first anthology and can be purchased online here. Will your story be part of our third anthology? We hope so!

All proceeds go to NaNoWriMo and its Young Writers Program and help make possible all the events that the Los Angeles region holds during National Novel Writing Month in November each year.

The third annual NaNo Los Angeles Anthology is now open for submissions, which are due March 10th. Lemur Publishing invites all Los Angeles Wrimos and Wrimos-at-large to submit short stories for the 2016 anthology. Our theme this year is “it’s the system“… Please think broadly about this idea, and in case you need a jumping-off point, we came up with several ideas. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have something that fits the theme that’s not included here, please feel free to write that and send it to us!

–solar system(s)
–computer matrix
–hierarchy (nobility/peasants, castes, etc.)
–systems in the human body (nervous system, etc.)
–systems of thinking/system psychology/systems behavior
–systems of oppression
–operating system (computer, game console, etc.)
–postal service (shipping of letters/packages)
–cultural systems
–economic systems (command/planned, socialism, market economies, etc.)
–systems of government (aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, tyranny)
–”the healthcare system”

We had several requests to include a phrase the same way we did in the first anthology, so we decided that it would be interesting to see what writers can come up with when they have to include the first sentence: “Where did this come from?” And, as usual, if you can organically use NaNo Icons, you’ll get bonus points from the editors! For information on NaNo Icons, please see the descriptions on the Lemur Publishing website.

Here’s the nitty gritty details for your information!

Due date: March 10
Theme: “it’s the system”
Phrase: story must begin with “Where did this come from?” (though it doesn’t have to be in quotes)
Submit to: (Re: Anthology 2016 submission)

–All genres welcome!
–4000 words or less. (Flash fiction is also great.)
–12-point type, Times New Roman, double spaced, paragraph indented 5 spaces.
–send as .doc (NOT .docx), .rtf, or plain-text attachment.
–Please do NOT copy/paste your entire story in the email.
–Grammar questions – Check the Chicago Manual of Style (free trial) or do a search on Grammar Girl.
–Spell check and proof your story before you submit.
–Proofread; have a friend read your story before submission.
–Each submission will be personally confirmed.

We look forward to reading your submissions and hope to present you with a brand new NaNo Los Angeles Anthology in time for NaNoWriMo 2016! Now get writing! (Also, please disseminate this call for submissions widely! Thank you.)

2015 NaNo Los Angeles Anthology Submissions!

lemur2014lrWe want your story for the 2015 NaNoLosAngeles Anthology!

For the glamorous year of 2015, Lemur Publishing invites all LA WriMos and Honolulu WriMos (Our 2015 Sister City) and anyone who subscribes to either regions, regardless of where you live, to submit short stories for the 2015 anthology.

Last year’s theme was the Unreliable Narrator and the prompt was to use the sentence, “A cuticle in the space station.” Check out the book, BELIEVE ME NOT. Heck, order a book, it’s pretty, it’s fun and benefits NaNoWriMo!

This year we’re changing it up a bit. The theme is TIME. This can mean the following or many other things:
-A ticking clock
-A magical moment in time
-Stopping time
-Time travel
-The passing of time
-Flashbacks & flash forwards
-Nonlinear narrative

TIME should be a central element, either thematically or structurally to the story.

Your prompt is that the story must contain an Oops moment—A mistake must be made. So this year, we’re not forcing an exact phrase on you, but we do want A MISTAKE by someone or something.

If you can organically use a NaNo Icon – you get bonus points from the judges. Basic Icons include:
-A viking helmet
-Traveling shovel of death
-Plot bunny
-A knight (of Nanolot)
-A dragon
-A trebuchet
-A lemur (especially a caffeinated lemur stuck in traffic.)
-A squid (Honolulu’s mascot – it produces ink!)
-Guilt monkey(s)
-The Inner Editor (Caged, trapped in Purgatory, or running free stomping on your imagination.)
-The muse
-A magnifying glass
-The eleventh hour (Did we mention the theme was time?)
-An African swallow
-The Book of NaNo
-Mr. Ian Woon (Naomi Worn, Ian Monrow, or any other anagram for nanowrimo.)

For more information on NaNo Icons – please see the descriptions at


Due Date: April 6, 2015

Submit to: (Ref: Anthology 2015 submission) 

We especially want to encourage young authors. Let us know if you are submitting as a young author (17 and under).

Submissions guidelines:

-We love all genres!
-4000 words or less. (Flash fiction is also great.)
-Something approximating standard manuscript format and sent as .doc (not .docx), .rtf, or plain-text attachments.
-Please do not copy/paste your entire story in the email.
-Grammar questions – Check the Chicago Manual of Style (free trial) or do a search on Grammar Girl.
-Please spell check and proof your story before you submit.
-We highly recommend you have a friend read your story before submission.

-Each submission will be personally confirmed.
We want TIME and an OOOPS!
Have fun,

NaNo Los Angeles Anthology Book Launch Party!

Believe Me Not - 3DYou read that right! Remember the submissions we asked for back in March? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter we’ll still celebrate anyway! Thanks to all our great submissions and with the help of some wonderful editors we finally have our final product!

To celebrate, NaNo Los Angeles is going to have our first ever BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!

Since Los Angeles is the most fabulously glamorously awesome region on the planet, we’ve produced an awesome anthology! The book is gorgeous and it contains 46 stories from WriMos, including 12 stories from our Young Writers, age 10-17.

All the stories are told by an unreliable narrator. What will you believe?

So come join us at for the BELIEVE ME NOT, AN UNRELIABLE ANTHOLOGY Book Launch Party!

Date: October 11, 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM (After 5:00 PM party will move to Bodega Wine Bar next door.)


El Cholo Café
260 E Colorado Blvd., Suite 203
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 795-5800

Details: El Cholo in Pasadena is on the second floor of the Paseo Colorado shopping mall. (Next to PF Chang’s and Bodega Wine Bar.) This is the same place as last year’s NaNoWriMo Kick-Off party in the bigger patio area of the restaurant. Look for NaNoWriMo signs. The party will move at 5pm, next door to Bodega Wine Bar. All ages are welcome, even in the wine bar.

At El Cholo, complimentary nacho and mini-chimichangas bar provided.

Books will be for sale at $12/book and all proceeds go to NaNo LA events, NaNoWriMo, and the Young Writer’s Program. Cash or check is preferred, just in case the ipad/credit card thing isn’t working.

Books will also be sold at write-ins throughout the month.

The book is also now available on Amazon for $17.99 or Kindle ebook for $3.99.