Reading books? But I was planning on planning!

Okay, men (and women),
This is it. The big one, The one we’ve all been waiting for. has been wiped and reset to 2017. You can log in and create your novel!

You can also Introduce yourself and begin hosting write ins (prep ins?). There’s already several Write Ins set down and on the calendar. And it’s only October 2nd!


So, did you know we have a Goodreads group? I know, reading books is not nearly as enjoyable as actually writing them, but hear us out. Last month, we read Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, who, guess this, is a local wrimo, who wrote it for NaNoWriMo and got published. FYI, she may show up to an event to say ‘Hi!’.

This month we’re reading Switched by Amanda Hocking. Amanda started out as a self publisher with help from Pronoun, one of those sponsors from HQ (who also sponsored TGIO last year). These days she’s published by Macmillan and she’s coming to our TGIO party to give us some advice on self publishing.

If you haven’t been participating, or didn’t know, it’s not too late to read the books and start chatting about them in the group. It’s entirely possible active group members might get a little… something… at a later date.

9 Weeks until NaNoWriMo continues

Alexis’s NaNo Prep Facebook posts are continuing at high speed. It’s not too late to join her (and officially make the Prep group larger than the regular group…)

And now its really time to prep because before you know it it will be time for…


Kick Off

El Cholo Pasadena
Sunday, October 29th 3-5pm

Per usual, we will have door prizes and a raffle. Hopefully we won’t over do it again (last year no one left empty handed)

The forum RSVP is open here and you can also see the Facebook event here.

Midnight Blast Off

Dupars Pasadena
Tuesday, October 31 (All Hallows Eve) 10pm – Wednesday, November 1st (All Saints Day), 2am

Julie is the one risking her soul to host on the most terrifying of nights (that entire week is actually a bit creepy). Battle your way through the ghouls and goblins to join the first write in of the month. Reward your endeavors with pie (or a burger. that works too).

The forum RSVP will open in about two weeks. The Facebook event is here.

Great Train Escape

The Escape to San Francisco for the Night of Writing Dangerously is still around. Now organized by syaffolee, but Betty will be getting on the train from LA.

Meanwhile Julie and Alexis are planning on bidding them farewell before taking the local trains around for a bit of a Ride in,. I mean write in. It’s listed on the calendar!

Thank God It’s Over (TGIO)

Geeky Teas, Burbank
Sunday, December 3rd, 3-5 pm

Finally, when it’s all over we’ll party in Burbank. There will be some sort of refreshment and there will be Amanda Hocking telling us about self publishing. And probably some prizes because what’s a NaNo LA event without prizes?

Geeky Teas is also the GeeKitties cat rescue, so there are cats on premise, basically on the opposite side of the building from us.

I think that’s everything currently happening. Save the Dates, read some books, prepare your families for your vanishing act next month.


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Pitch In!

Pitch-InLast year using our Chip-In Widget, we raised $140 for our awesome region, which all went to funding our Kick-Off Party and raffle prizes!

So thanks again for everyone who chipped in last year!

Because of last year’s success, we are bringing back the “Pitch-in” widget to fundraise for the Region’s events. Since “Chip-In!” is no longer available, we’re asking you to “Pitch-In” instead! Pitch-In works just like Chip-in. Click on the “Pitch-In!” link on the widget in this post or on top of our left sidebar and donate. The page will eventually take you to Paypal where you will complete your transactions.

Also every $10 donation will qualify you for an additional raffle ticket for the Halo Raffle to be drawn at the TGIO party, which includes a Raffle Prize of an iPad Mini and more!

So Pitch-in and Lucky will do a happy dance!

NOTE: Donating to Pitch-in will NOT give you a Halo over your name on the NaNoWriMo site. You only get a Halo when you donate through NaNoWriMo’s Donation Station or win a Halo in an Adopt-A-Day challenge.

2013 Writers Faire


UCLA Extension Writers’ Program is holding a Writers Faire Sunday, August 25, 2013.

Admission is free, but parking in Lot 2 on campus is $12.

All levels of creative writers and screenwriters are welcomed!

August 25, 2013; 11:00AM – 3:00PM (Sunday)
Exhibit Mall opens at 10:00AM

UCLA Campus, Young Hall Courtyard
405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA ‎

Admission: FREE!

Parking: $12 in Lot 2.

Highlights (from flyer):

  • Hear from more than 60 creative writing and screenwriting instructors as they share their expertise and tips in 24 unique mini-classes

  • Enroll in most fall courses at a 10% discount (this day only)

  • Get 1-on-1 advice on courses and certifications

  • Attend a special session on graduate programs in creative writing

  • Visit with graduate programs, professional and community organizations, and writing-allied business

Check for more details.