WriMos for Worldbuilders!

Worldbuilders-Logo_Web-less-spaceWorldbuilders has an annual fundraiser for Heifer International. This year if you donate through Team WriMo, you can be entered into a lottery for prizes that would appeal to WriMos! Especially WriMos who have manuscripts that need some dusting off.

These WriMo Exclusvies include:

  • $500 raised: One Critique by Douglas Hulick. Douglas has been a member of a writer’s group (the Wyrdsmiths) for over 20 years, so he knows critiquing. He will offer a critique for up to 10,000 words, and will include both in-text comments as well as an overall discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the submission.
  • $1,000 raised: One critique by The Wyrdsmiths. 7 writers (all pros) will critique a manuscript and include a recorded audio critique session as well as a manuscript mark-up. More info to come on this one!
  • $1,5000 raised: One Critique by Téa Obreht. Author Téa Obreht will happily critique up to 15,000 words of fiction—either short stories or a novel-in-progress or a totally amazing combination of both—and provide written commentary within 90 days of submission.

In addition to these WriMo Exclusives, there are of course lots of other prizes your lottery tickets will qualify for through Worldbuilders!

For more information on how to donate and enter this lottery visit the WriMo’s for Worldbuilders fundraising page.

The last day to donate is December 15, 2014, so don’t wait too long!

2013 Writing Marathon + Donation Day!

Writing_Marathon_851x315_1Today November 9th is Writing Marathon and  Donation Day!

Join WriMos around the world virtually and in-person for an all-day NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon!

If you can’t go to any in-person events, NaNoWriMo invites you to check out their livestreaming from NaNo HQ and join #NaNoThon on Twitter for updates, challenges, and giveaways.

Even though today is Writing Marathon Day, it is also Donation Day! Each Donation Day, NaNoWriMo has a goal of raising $50,000 by the end of the day (6am – midnight PST). This $60,000 goes towards the $1.2 million fundraising goal, which will help keep NaNoWriMo possible for 300,000+ aspiring writers around the world for another year.

Donate now and join the Donation Day fun!

There will be hourly (and amazing grand) prizes announced throughout the day. So follow NaNoWriMo’s Twitter account.

Hourly prizes includes awesome stuff like:

  • Kindle Paperwhites
  • Personal pep talks from founder Chris Baty
  • An owl from Tavia’s epic owl collection
  • and More!

Please please consider donating to NaNoWriMo, because NaNoWriMo is brought to you by YOU! If it were not for the generous donations of participants, we would not have such wonderful opportunities of literary abandon each year.

Additionally, for the Los Angels Region, Donation Day is also a great opportunity for you to earn your halo and qualify for the NaNo Los Angeles Halo Raffle that will happen at the end of the month at our TGIO Party.

If you haven’t donated already, please consider donating now. Not only will your donation help NaNoWriMo, but it will give you a chance to win awesome prizes and be a part of something that changes lives.

We appreciate everyone’s support and thank you all for donating!

No Word Count Left Behind!

2013 Adopt-a-Day

Last year we had Adopt-a-Day, which was pretty fun and great motivation for people to write and donate, and since our NaNo Los Angeles theme these year is Fairy Tales it’s only fitting that everyone gets a chance to be a NaNo Fairy Godmother/Godfather.

What is Adopt-a-Day? 

Any Wrimo can sign up, post a fun Nano challenge, then pick a winner and donate $10 in the winner’s name. The winner then receives a HALO and is entered in the Halo Raffle which has fabulous prizes, including an iPad Mini.

FairyHow to be a NaNo Fairy Godparent?

  • Pick one day of November’s 30 days still available and sign up for a day in this Spreadsheet.
  • On your day, in the MORNING, please post a new thread in the LA Forum labeled “Adopt-a-Day, Nov. 8,” or whatever your date is.
  • Post a fabulous, glamorous, fun, silly, or fairy tale styled challenge to your fellow WriMos.
  • End of the day (After 10pm), Pick a winner and announce it on your thread.
  • Embrace your inner Fairy Godmother, spin around the room, and wave your magic wand.
  • Go to the Donation Store, and donate $10 in your winner’s name. (A window will ask who the donation is for.)
  • A HALO will then magically appear on your winner’s profile. Yay!

What kind of Challenges are posted?

  • Today is devoted to body disposal. Tell me your most unusual method to dispose of a body, dead or alive.
  • How might the number 1,667 be significant to a character?
  • Today is devoted to Fairy Tales. Invent a title for a NEW Fairy Tale destined to become a classic.
  • Create a 500 year old tradition which takes place in the Kingdom of NaNoLot.
  • Write a Haiku about Wombats or Vikings.

The challenges you can come up with are endless! Like our sticker for for this year says: Let your Imagination Grow! 1-jack-print

You get the idea – Have fun!!

There are still plenty of days left, so picked your favorite day and become a NaNo-Fairy GodParent!

Any questions – Write to Sara McBride at smcbride (at) caltech (dot) edu