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Table Tents

“Write-In” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Tri-Fold (PDF)
“Come Write” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Tri-Fold (PDF)
“Come Write” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Two-fold (PDF)
“Write-In” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Tri-Fold/Color (PDF)
“Write-In” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Tri-Fold/Black_and_White (PDF)

Web Resources

Jami Gold’s Writer Resources (Beat Sheets, including Scrivener templates)
The Rule Book — by Art Holcomb (Website)
The Relationship Chart – by Art Holcomb  (Website)

NaNo Prep Resources

Our Municipal Liaisons prepared these prep materials for everyone to use during NaNo Prep (the months of March, June, and October). Feel free to use them for any other projects you have throughout the year.

NaNo Prep 2017, all pages
Freytag’s Pyramid (JPEG)
Three Act Structure (JPEG)
Rising Action (JPEG)

NaNo Pantser Prep Resources

Former Municipal Liaisons Sara McBride and Lisa Walsh have prepared these packets for everyone who attended their Pantser Prep sessions.
Their system is based on the FIASCO roleplaying game by Bully Pulpit Games.

FIASCO Prep Packet (Word)
The Setup (blank copy) (Word)
Insta-Setup (Steampunk example) (Word)

Writing Resources

Young Writer’s Program resources
NaNoWriMo Report Card
(Excel) – Unknown
NaNo Los Angeles Hipster PDA (PDF) – Created by Sara McBride
NaNoWriMo Daily Targets (Excel)
NaNoWriMo Daily Target – Google Doc Version – Created by Steven Knight
NaNoWriMo Hourly Targets (Excel) – Created by Smoakes
1000 Words Picture Prompts (PDF) – Created by Nita Lieu
NaNoWriMo Explanation Cards (PDF)
NaperWriMo’s Writer’s Resource Page

Achievement Cards

Achievement Passport 2015 (PDF)
Achievement Passport 2014
Achievement Card 2013
Achievement Card 2012 (PDF)

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