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Table Tents

“Write-In” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Tri-Fold (PDF)

“Come Write” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Tri-Fold (PDF)

“Come Write” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Two-fold (PDF)

“Write-In” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Tri-Fold/Color (PDF)

“Write-In” NaNoWriMo Table Tent – Tri-Fold/Black_and_White (PDF)

Achievement Cards

Achievement Passport 2015 (PDF)
Achievement Passport 2014
Achievement Card 2013
Achievement Card 2012 (PDF)

Writing Resources

 NaNoWriMo Report Card (Excel)
( If anyone knows who made this Report Card, e-mail us! We want to give you credit for this AWESOME report card!)

NaNo Los Angeles Hipster PDA (PDF)
Created by Sara McBride

NaNoWriMo Daily Targets (Excel)
NaNoWriMo Daily Target – Google Doc Version
Created by Steven Knight

NaNoWriMo Hourly Targets (Excel)
Created by Smoakes

Young Writer’s Workbooks

1000 Words Picture Prompts (PDF)
Created by Nita Lieu

NaperWriMo’s Writer’s Resource Page

NaNoWriMo Explanation Cards (PDF)

NaNo Pantser Prep Resources

MLs Sara McBride and Lisa Walsh have prepared these wonderful worksheets for everyone who attended their Pantser Prep sessions, and they were awesome enough to post them here for everyone else who couldn’t attend to use.

Fiasco Prep Packet (Word)

The Setup (blank copy) (Word)

Insta-Setup (Steampunk example) (Word)

NaNo Prep Resources

ML Chris Bailey prepared these wonderful worksheets for everyone to use during his NaNo Prep Sessions, but since not everyone can’t make it to his sessions.  He was awesome enough to let us post them on here for everyone to use.

Table of Contents Prep Workshop (Word)

1 Silly Conversation (Word)

2 Email Inspiration (Word)

3 Project Score Card (Word)

4 Character Worksheet (Word)

5 Fantasy Character Planning Sheet (Word)

6 The Rule Book Character Chart (Word)

7 Relationship Chart  (Word)

8 Freytag’s Pyramid (JPEG)

9 Three Act Structure (JPEG)

10 Three Act Planning Sheet (Word)

11 Rising Action (JPEG)

12 Rising Action Flashcards (Word)

13 Seven Point Story Structure (Word)

14 Nine Step Plotting Outline (Word)

15 One Page Summary (Word)

16 Novel Snapshot (Word)

17 Detailed Outline (W0rd)

Suggested Readings

18 The Rule Book — by Art Holcomb (Website)

19 The Relationship Chart – by Art Holcomb  (Website)

Additional Information Coming Soon! 

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