Paging the Ducks

I have a problem with my novel in progress. 

My beginning is too trite and overdone, it’s a ‘wake up’ scene, which we trend towards because it’s a literal beginning for us as human beings, but it’s a boring beginning for us as readers (or watchers if this a screenplay).

I’ve moderated Plot Doctoring for years but I rarely post there. I can go in there and give advice about other people’s issues, but I have some trouble even beginning to explain my problems.

It’s a complication with all of our forums. I’d rather have a discussion with a friend about my novel than have to explain it in detail online. I might forget something important, or I might inadvertently imply something inconsequential is quite important to me and the plot. There’s also the ever popular concern, that doesn’t affect me, but does affect others, someone might steal my precious idea. At the rate I’m going you can have it, but that seems the minority opinion – most posters, or more importantly the non-posters, are convinced we troll the forums for their ideas.

As you can guess, most forum posts are lacking in context. It’s not unusual to see a post much like my issue:

Right now, my story opens with my character waking up. I realize that’s a bad opening, but I can’t think of anything else. Help?

I hope you see the problem here. I haven’t even told you my genre let alone what plot I intent to lead into. You don’t know my protagonist is male, seventeen (ages should be specific until you get into the twenties), in a modern day fantasy environment – some would say Urban Fantasy, but that has certain connotations I’m not sure apply.

Even with that second paragraph of information you don’t know enough to really guess activities my protagonist might choose. You can throw out things at random but what’s the chance of any of them being appropriate? Is my character more likely to be going for a jog or playing WoW? I haven’t told you enough to give me help.

Alas, we sometimes get fantastic responses to these.

I’m writing fantasy and in my story the MC finds a key. The question is what it opens?

As you see, really vague, the response:

  1. The key opens the MC’s bedroom window. It was on her mother’s keyring. Now she can leave at night.
  2. The key opens the chest of the MC’s android companion, allowing them to replace some faulty wiring and go on to defeat the evil witch.
  3. It’s a 32-bit encryption key, which is now outdated and worthless. The files it was meant to decrypt were enchanted to react to that particular key, but the people who decrypted them found an unexpected alternative key. They have been using these files for decades without noticing the enchantment.
  4. It is a piano key. When played, it opens the listener’s mind.
  5. It opens a pneumatic tube in the MC’s uncle’s hospital. The nurses keep it locked – but the patients can’t get to it, and the nurses use it all the time, so why are they so careful about locking it?
  6. 6. The key opens a freshly-printed book. There are thousands of copies of this locked book available in every bookstore, but they don’t come with keys.
  7. The key opens the MC’s place of worship. The remainder of the book will be an ordinary religious romance, complete with a spiritual encounter with the MC’s god. The only thing which makes it fantasy rather than religious fiction is that the religion is anything other than Christianity. (#paganrights)
  8. When the key is placed in midair with nothing touching it, and then rotated, a tiny drawer pops open in the air. How do you place a key in midair without touching it? And what’s in the drawer?
  9. The key is universal. It opens ALL locks.
  10. The key opens Chris Hemsworth’s trailer on the set of Thor: Ragnarok.

I actually want to write some of these key related stories. Probably none of these are viable to the poster’s story. It’s their own fault for not giving us enough background.

We need to give a lot of information to get good results. Maybe we can get away with only a few lines, but more complex problems might require explaining a detailed plot to get help. Maybe more than we want to post online.

This is when we pull out the ducks.

They don’t need to rubber ducks, but they are conveniently small and portable. Plot ninjas from previous years, or the plot zombies, or NaNoBots from last year could also work, or even your daughter’s Sir Fluffybutt can fill in.

Place the duck in front of you and explain the issue. Start from the beginning, because the duck is not familiar with your story. Explain everything to the duck, you can trust rubber ducks to keep secrets, they are very trustworthy.

At some point in discussing your novel with your fowl friend you will likely realize the solution to your problem. If not… well, you can always consult a second duck.

Yes, I am encouraging you to have extended conversations about your novel with your rubber duck, your child’s entire stuffed animal collection, your spouse’s chicken shaped salt and pepper shakers, hell, you could even ask Timmy on Chatnano for advice (really, only do this if you are really stuck. Timmy gives terrible advice).

You could discuss the problem with a real live person, but they tend to argue and get bored of your story related problems. The ducks are always willing to listen and to help.

June means time to Prep

Another month closer to November! And more things we can say you should totally do!

The Great NaNoWriMo Roadtrip

You got this from HQ already, but we are also going to encourage you to donate to the Great NaNoWrIMo Roadtrip which is actually a Site Redesign. They couldn’t resist coming up with a spiffy name for it, but then again, it makes it harder to realize we’re asking for money.

The goal is $50,000 – our FAVORITE number, but we want it in two weeks. The more we get, the more awesome things might show up on the site in 2018. Yes, I skipped a year. A decent redesign takes time. And this is the first time in a decade that the redesign will focus on user features and upgrades rather than ‘the site works!’ which was the issue for a very long time (if you joined in the last couple of years, you are so lucky).

Click here to learn about the process

Click here to ask questions

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Camp NaNoWriMo July Session Prep

Camp NaNoWriMo is ready for your July Novel! Do you know what you’re writing? I don’t.

We are posting prep information on all of our social media! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for links to helpful resources.

Xander will be hosting an in Person prep session on Saturday 17 from 9:00am-12:00pm at the Burbank Panera. We’ll talk about coming up with ideas and outlining them. Much of the information is useful even if you are a ‘pantser’.

Goodreads June Novel

The June read is  by Seanan McGuire. The entire series is up for a Hugo Award (and as it happens, if you are a member or join Worldcon 75 as a Supporting (i.e. Hugo Voter) you get the entire series in the voter packet, as well as some other good novels) which I think says a lot right there. This is the first time there’s even been a Best Series category.

It has an evil fairy queen, koi fish, time travel (as in ‘there is a time skip’), a murder, people in need of saving, a protagonist who wants nothing to do with any of it. Ursula from the Little Mermaid makes a guest appearance under her ‘real’ name.

Converse about it on Goodreads or other places if you like.

Happy Writing

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Summer Announcements

[This was originally sent as a Broadcast Message. It’s reposted here, just in case it got lost somewhere (cough, spam folder, cough)]

Hey, guys, the first Camp NaNoWriMo session is almost over. You’re ready for that, right? You’re ready for May, and Summer (cause we have more than one season here, right?), ‘vacations’… really, let’s not go on. It’s a bit intimidating.

Lots of stuff going on soon, so get out your calendar to mark off some dates.

Kick Off 2017

Kick off will be at El Cholo again, on Sunday, October 29th, 3-5pm. Save the date!

Yeah, we really didn’t want a repeat of last year where it suddenly changed at the last minute (really, as much as that sucked for you guys, the panic we went through was worse).

Also, expect TGIO to be December 2nd or 3rd. We’re finalizing the location, which means we are finalizing the time too. But, expect it that weekend (really, you longtimers should be able to guess when we hold events).

The Anthology Needs your submissions!

That’s right, the Anthology is back for the 4th year with We’ve All Been Here Before.

This year’s theme is ‘Returning’ or ‘Going Back’ and a prompt of ‘concealing’ or ‘hiding’. Word limit is 4000 words (or shorter). They are also looking for a cover artist.

Full submission criteria is located at NaNo Los and on is also posted to the forum. Questions about this year’s anthology should be directed to

And of course, the previous three anthologies (Believe Me Not, It’s About Time, and Meet the Systems) are available on Amazon in physical and Kindle editions.

NaNo Prep Is coming for you!

We did a little NaNo Prep before Camp started,  but expect a lot more starting in the month of May.

We have constant Prep prepared (lol, prep prepared) between now and November. It starts next month on Twitter, Facebook, and our website. Then in June we will return with in person Prep sessions (aimed at the July Camp session) on the Westside and in the Burbank area.

Finally, Alexis will be leading a massive two months of Prep starting in September right into November. Two Months of Prep. It will be Day -45 of NaNoWriMo and you will already be sick of it because of all the prep.

Goodreads Book Club

I really want to say ‘But wait, there’s more!”

I tried to start using the Bookclub feature a couple of years ago so we can read local authors and Wrimos, but there wasn’t much interest, not just with participants, but also with my fellow MLs. Our current team is willing to give it another go.

Right now we’re just choosing books that we know we enjoyed and think we can chat with you about. If you have ideas of good books for us to read/feature, tell us about them (we might have you host a month!).

Mia will be starting us off with Unwind by Neal Shusterman in May. Join us on and we can have non writing related fun together!

One More Thing

I don’t think I’ve promoted this recently, but we also have a Facebook group. It’s a little different than our page as you have general discussion on it. You’re also much more likely to see posts there than on the Page (thank you Facebook), which is why I usually share stuff from the Page to the group too.

You should totally join and talk with us. It’s great for making quick informal write ins or just chatting about thing that make us think of NaNo (like wombats. NaNo is really just about wombats).

Okay, I’ve taken enough of your time. Probably too much considering this is the off-season.