Hop on the Train into Week Three

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Week Three: Hop on the Train into Week Three


Dear Writers,

Welcome to Week Three! The month of literary abandon is half over. You’ve survived the hurdles of Week Two. You have now passed the Point of No Return, and The Great NaNo Word Count Train is still powering through the month and picking up more people as it goes.

If you hopped onto the train on Day One and have been keeping on track with 1,667 words each day and never got off the rails, then good for you and keep it up!

If you’re like me and every time the train makes a stop, you hop off, take a stroll, and enjoy the view for a few minutes, which can sometimes turn into few days, don’t panic! It’s okay! The Great NaNo Word Count Train may have left the station and onto the next Daily Word Count Stop, but it’s not too late.

Look to your left. If you don’t see the train tracks, then look to your right. If the tracks aren’t there either, then look to your front or back. I swear they’re there somewhere. Anyway, there is a handcar on the tracks just waiting for you to hop on and start pumping that lever and chase after the train. If you think working the handcar by yourself is too hard, then grab a friend or two who also took a stop and start pumping those words out together. If you see another person on the next tracks also on a handcar furiously pumping after the train, Word War them and race each other towards the train. If you are having an especially good day, go past the train, wave to those still furiously typing on the train, and race towards the finish line.

You can do it! Even if you haven’t broken the 5K or 10K mark, it’s still OKAY! Writing 50K in 15 days is doable! I’ve met several “jack rabbit” individuals that have already reached the 50K mark, and they are still writing. Don’t worry I am definitely not one of those people.

A few days ago I was behind by a lot. I admit the trials and tribulations of Week Two were in full force, and it didn’t help that I didn’t have a good Week One to start with either. But near the end of Week Two, I jumped several hurdles, hopped onto that handcar, and started to furiously pump those words out… though I might have overshot the train by a tad bit.

Along the way I picked up a few other stragglers and now they are inching closer towards the train as we speak. So even though you feel like you’ve fallen so far behind that you can’t catch up, it’s not true. I believe you can do it. We all do. You may have to sacrifice watching your favorite shows or neglect your gaming consoles and families for another couple weeks, but they’ll be there waiting for you once you’ve reach your 50K.

Just remember:

“Never give up! Never Surrender!”

~Jennie (AthenaKTT)
NaNoWriMo Participant since 2007

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