The Train (Tickets, Seats, etc.)

We will be taking the Coast Starlight train up to Oakland. The train ride from Los Angeles to Oakland is eleven (11) hours. Then you will take a bus or cab from Oakland into Downtown San Francisco.

A shared taxi to your hotel might be more convenient than the Amtrak bus.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at the Amtrak Site.

The train ticket price varies from $54 – $110 one way from Los Angeles (LAX) to Oakland (OKJ). Train tickets are always changing, so we recommend checking back on the Amtrak site often since train tickets seem to change as much as plane tickets.

AAA members also get 10% off!

Boarding Time (for train up to Oakland-Jack London Square):

  • San Diego boards 6:05 AM
  • Los Angeles boards 10:10 AM
  • Santa Barbara boards 12:40 PM
  • San Luis Obispo boards at 3:35 PM

The Train


The train has power outlets at every seat. There is no longer WiFi provided to all passengers. It is only available to sleeping car passengers. Also when WiFi was available to all, it was pretty much non-existent. (So make sure to have all the files you need downloaded onto your laptop!)

The Train also has an elegant dining car on board. However, you can take meals at your seat while you continue to write.

Note: The food provided on the train is decent and not too expensive. However, the food isn’t great. We recommend bring your own food to enjoy in the observation car if you want.

4 Replies to “The Train (Tickets, Seats, etc.)”

  1. foxandfrills

    Hey everyone I just snagged tickets on the train and was just wondering if anyone has taken the bart system from Jack London Square into the city?

    1. athenaktt

      Hi Fox and Frills,

      I don’t really remember anyone taking the BART the last time we took the train up. Usually before we reach the final station, Sara goes around and finds out where everyone is staying and group everyone together into a cab if they are in the same area.

      I know, that’s not really helpful, but when you’re slitting the cab with a few people, it comes out to being about the same price as taking the BART since it’s about $8 – $10 for tickets on the BART.

    2. Toni Nelson

      Carl and I didn’t take the bart last time, but probably will this time. But we are going to turn around and come back to LA for the Night of Writing Glamorously.


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