NoWD Weekend Activities

San Francisco Activities

While you’re up in San Francisco for the weekend, there are plenty of other things to do in town while your waiting for NoWD to begin!

Here you’ll find some fun activities that fellow WriMos have recommended while exploring San Francisco.

This list is only a small list of things you can do and see in San Francisco. If there is anything you think should be added to this list of suggested activities, leave a comment or contact us, and we’ll add them.

Note: Some events are organized by the MLs and others are just organized by a group of WriMos that just want to explore the city. Join in any activities you like or explore on your own. We also encourage you to organize your own activities and tell others to join you!

We recommend checking the forums for organized activities groups and meet-up times. As for those who are going to take the train up with us, we’ll have plenty of time to discuss all the events on board the train as well. That is if you’re not too busy trying to catch up on your word count.

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