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If you’re here for Turkzilla, type “/join #calwrimos” after you login!

First time using ChatNaNo? Use the instructions below to make your login! Or leave the password blank to chat anonymously.

If you mistype your password, enter “/nick USERNAME” (where USERNAME is your username) and it will prompt you again.

If you used the chat rooms last year you can just sign in, Newbies should register first.


To register, go to this URL:

  1. Fill in Nick (same as here only with no spaces)
  2. Choose region from drop-down menu (USA :: California :: Los Angeles)
  3. E-mail address
  4. Password
  5. Click Submit

Once you are registered you ALWAYS login at (or through the widget above)

Put in the Nick and password you registered with.

SLIGHTLY ADVANCED (and Troubleshooting)

If you prefer a client to KiwiIrc, you need to point your client at, port 6667, and login using the name you registered at the first URL given. If you are logging in using a client, you will need to enter your password when you do so. The command for this server is /msg NickServ identify PASSWORD (or /ns identify PASSWORD) where you change PASSWORD to your actual password that you registered with.

Any problems with the process should be directed to Please include Nick, password, region, and chat room name in the e-mail.

Since it has been requested: is all of Timmy’s commands.


To join a room, log into the chat and then type /join #CHANNEL where you change CHANNEL to the name of the room.

If you don’t want to be distracted during word wars, you might like to hang out in the bottom three rooms in this list. They’re all about the writing!

  • #nanowrimo
  • #CalWrimos (California :: Elsewhere)
  • #CampNaNo (might want to wait for Camp though)
  • #distractionsprints
  • #malswarroom
  • #nanowordsprints (autorelays the Twitter account of the same name!)

Also, if you’re curious about other regions’ channels, have a look at the list on this page:

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