Fifth Annual Los Angeles NaNo Anthology—Call for Short Stories

Please note, the region is not directly affiliated with the anthology, we are just passing along the information. For more information or questions concerning the anthology use the contact email for them below. -Xander

We’re looking for your short stories!

Join us for the fifth annual edition of the Los Angeles NaNo Anthology: a collection of stories edited by NaNoWriMo participants and published on Amazon. Every year, our editors vote on a new title, theme, and prompt for the anthology. We consider stories from all writers who see our submission call, regardless of where they live.

We’re currently accepting submissions for our 2018 anthology: Shadowed Doorways. Our theme is Darkness and Concealment. The prompt is that the story must contain a mirror. We’re open to broad interpretations of these ideas, so feel free to use your imagination.

If you’re interested, you can take a peek at last year’s anthology, We’ve All Been There, on Amazon. It was professionally reviewed by Portland Book Review, which gave it four stars and called it “a great book of light and easy to read stories” and “an example of the NaNoWriMo movement and how it can inspire writers.”

Story submission guidelines:
– We’re open to all genres, so long as the stories are fictional.
– One entry per author. No previously published stories, please.
– Your story must have a title. Please put it both on the first page of your manuscript and in the body of your email.
– Please do NOT put your name or contact info in the manuscript itself—only put that information in the body of your email. We judge objectively, based on story quality.
– Maximum length: 4000 words. Shorter is perfectly fine. Make each word count!
– 12-point type, Times New Roman, double-spaced
– Proofread your story and also have a friend read it before you submit.
– Grammar check using the Chicago Manual of Style or Grammar Girl.
– Send as .doc, .docx, .rtf, or plain-text attachment. Don’t copy and paste the text directly into the email.
– If you’re submitting as a younger writer (17 and under) and would like us to take that into consideration, please tell us your age in your email.
– We’ll confirm receipt of each submission and give you our decision by two weeks after the contest deadline.

Here are the details you need to remember:
Deadline: Friday, March 23. (We love early submissions as we have more time to read them!)
Theme: Darkness and Concealment
Prompt: The story must contain a mirror.
Open to: Everyone who reads this submission call. Feel free to pass it on to other writers.
Submit to: (Please put “Anthology 2018 submission” in the subject line.)

We look forward to your submissions!

Best wishes,
The Los Angeles NaNo Anthology editing team

3 Reasons to Join a Local Write-In

nano_09_static_cling_library_rolllImage courtesy of the store

Writing a novel in 30 days is a challenge for anyone. Sure, it can be done as a solitary activity and for some that works well. But have you ever been to a NaNoWriMo write-in? You should attend at least one during November, because as much as you may enjoy racking up the word count in solitude, you will gain extra motivation and great benefits simply by showing up.

Why join a write-in?

Meet local writers
You’ll not only meet other locals focused on a common goal at a write-in, you’ll learn new tricks to help you hit your word count goal. It’s a perfect way to share ideas and tap into available resources that you might not find out about online. By adding yourself to this community you’ll see that everyone there has something to offer to enhance the NaNoWriMo experience.

Mix up your writing routine
Trying something different, like taking advantage of a local write-in opportunity, may help spark new ideas that can carry your storyline for hundreds or thousands of words that you wouldn’t have otherwise written.

Establish Accountability
When you share a goal with others, it’s easier to reach it. At a write-in you’re sharing the actual experience. Doing the latter provides a unique kind of encouragement and a shared sense of accomplishment. Especially when someone in your group reaches their NaNoWriMo goal. If you’re attending write-ins regularly, you’ll likely have a lot of finish line crossings to celebrate!

It may be a little nerve-wracking deciding to attend a write-in if you’ve never been. It’s not unlike stepping onto a karaoke stage for the first time. Just give it a try. If you join a write-in you’ll quickly realize you’re among a friendly and supportive crowd, and you’ll have a blast.

If those aren’t enough reasons to check out a write-in here’s a bonus. Los Angeles write-ins have the coolest stickers!

Have you attended a NaNo write in? What did you like the best about it?

Read more about Come Write In Program.

About the Author
Madeline Wright has participated in NaNoWriMo since 2003 (Kwas). She hails from the South Bay region of LA and her favorite genre to write is YA. Her regular blog is A Mad Vox. Follow her on Twitter at @SoCalMad.