Achievement Cards

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So every year we have achievement cards for participants to fill out for fun (and occasionally profit). Sometimes though, it’s hard to know what we’re asking for. This is to help you with that.

Completely Average

Write 1667 words in a day

That’s what standard daily goal for NaNoWriMo. It’s actually a pretty fantastic amount to write in a day, but it’s the average you need to finish NaNoWriMo on time.

Totally Super

Write 5,000 words in one day

This might not seem like much, but it’s hard. Usually happens when you get lucky – in the zone with a easy part of the story and plenty of writing time. Or maybe you’re just one of those Overachievers we hear about.

League Founder

Write 10,000 in one weekend

You’ll have to try to do this. Even with a much higher word goal, a 10k weekend is a task. Most do it the last week when they’re 10k behind.

The Justice League was founded by a few extremely talented superheroes. 


Follow NaNo Los Angeles on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter

You’re much more likely to finish with outside support. If you follow us on the various social media sites, you will get support. Maybe too much support.

NaNo Los Angeles

Instagram (note: you need the mobile app to create an account)

From TV Tropes:
“A major theme in all media. The villain or Ineffectual Loner mocks the idea of relying on others, insisting that friends make you weak and only fear brings servitude. Then he discovers to his extreme shock and dismay that the hero’s friends really do stand up for him, and this really does enable the hero to kick the crap out of the bad guy. The Aesop: Having friends makes you strong, being alone makes you weak. Even What You Are in the Dark can depend on your memory of your friends.”

Multi-Episode Crossover: Infinity Turkzilla Crisis

Write 20,000 over Thanksgiving (Wed-Sun, Nov 22-26th)

On one hand you have a major holiday and have to deal with family, on the other hand you have about five days of vacation. This really isn’t that much easier than 10k in two days, but it seems like it because you have 24 more hours to make it there.

The name is in honor of The CW having a crossover with all four of their superhero shows once a season. Also, you may be familiar with Marvel’s Infinity War and DC’s Infinite Crisis.


Finish 50,000 words by November 15th

If you go to the Night of Writing Dangerously in San Francisco and hit 50k while there you get to ring a bell declaring yourself a winner and they will actually crown you a winner of NaNoWriMo right there. We don’t have crowns and bells, but we do have an achievement for winning twice as fast.

Firefly was a television series in 2002 which was cancelled before it even aired all of it’s half season of episodes. Ironically, it’s also one of the most popular shows ever.

Captain Overkill

Write OVER 50,000 words

You realized that a novel is usually longer than 50,000 words and you are making it happen. We have a word for you: OVERACHIEVER.

Note: we have this section for true Overachievers. Soft limit at 60k, but really this is for those with 100k 200k and other numbers I don’t want to think about.

The wordcount widget on now goes to well over a million words, but we strongly suggest against writing more than, say, a million. Also note that the Validator can only process about 200,000 words before it screams for the ACLU on grounds of torture. If you write more than 50k, only submit 50k to the Validator, then update the wordcount to your real final amount.

Epic Do-Gooder

Acquire a Halo

NaNoWriMo runs on donations which are tax deductible. A one time donation gets you a golden halo on your profile, while a monthly donation earns you a paper crown.
Donate today!

Gotham’s Defender

Donate to NaNo Los Angeles

We are a large region and we do not have any funding from HQ because if they gave us money, they would have to give everyone else money. And then there would be no money.

If you would like to save us from paying for all of this out of our own pockets, buy us a cup of coffee or slip us a five at an event.

Damage Control

Use the Traveling Shovel of Death

Possibly the most famous NaNo Icon, the Traveling Shovel of Death, moves from novel to novel taking lives. You should mention their visit to your novel. It doesn’t even need to be a visible murder, but maybe there’s a news report or your hero passes it on the way to the bathroom.

From yangnome, first witness
This sounds silly. It couldn’t possibly fit in my novel. Maybe you are correct. I don’t know what you are writing about. The first year the shovel visited me, I wasn’t writing a silly novel and it fit in mine with little problem. TSoD does not discriminate based on genre.

More Dangerous than a Catapult

Include a trebuchet in your novel

Bonus of you use it both ways

There’s a Trebuchet Club in the NaNoWriMo forums. And even if their weren’t, everyone should know that a trebuchet was far superior to a catapult (the more commonly know siege weapon) and can toss a 90 kg object 300 meters.

There’s also a font named Trebuchet. Extra star if you typed your novel with that font.

Not Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Battle traffic to a write in

It’s kind of a given.

Don your Cape

Acquire a personal writing totem

For Chris Baty, it was the Viking Helmet, for you it might be bunny ears, a special pen, a pile of cheese its. When it’s near you, everyone knows to stay back, you’re writing!

Consulting the Powers that Be

Post a question/answer to forum or use an idea in your novel

As stated before, interacting with the community increases your success rate. There are tons of people looking for help or looking to help. Everything from ‘Which Novel should I write?’ to ‘How do porcupines breed without injury?’ You can even adopt out plots you’ll never use or help someone think up a title!

NaNoWriMo Forums

Medals Ceremony

Share a win on the regional page

We all want to congratulate you! We’ll make a special thread for it near the beginning of the month (or if you beat us to making it, I guess you can create it, Speedy!)

Procrastination Nation


You’re looking at your Achievement Card instead of writing. You can get this one multiple times.

Hanging with the Spoony Bard

Create a playlist/listen to NaNo Los Angeles Playlist

A lot of us like to listen to some tunes while writing. Make a playlist or listen to the ‘Official’ NaNo Los Angeles playlist on Spotify.

Back in early days of video games there was a bard who was described as ‘spoony’. Being children we assumed this was a translation error, but the bard really was “sentimentally or foolishly amorous”. In fact, most Bards are.


Participate in a word-war/ win one

Challenge someone to write as many words as possible in an amount of time (15 minutes is good). To the winner goes an extra sticker.


Write at work

Don’t get fired doing it. And being Hollywood, make sure your company doesn’t retain rights to anything written on their property. Write on your breaks maybe.

With Smilex Gas

Writing under the influence (sugar/caffeine/alcohol/etc)

Because most of what you write will be making you giggle uncontrollably.

Smilex Gas is used by the Joker to incapacitate enemies, or really anyone in his way. He could shoot them, but that wouldn’t leave a smile on their faces.

Midnight Writer

Writing after midnight

You didn’t mean to, but you were on a roll. Or maybe it’s the only time you have to write.

Midnight Writer, Midnight Rider… it’s a pun.


Sprinted with NaNoWordSprints

On Twitter. Almost constantly available during November.

Throw it out the Window

Asked Timmy for Advice

Timmy is a Chatbot on Chatnano. If you as him a question he will probably answer. He’s better with yes/no questions, though his advice isn’t the best. And he might throw you out a window.

Q:Timmy, do you have anything to say to the NaNo LA Community?
A: Look! A ladder! Maybe it leads to heaven, or a sandwich!

The Flash

Use the HQ Word Sprint Timer!

Finding a good sprint timer is harder than it looks. I mean, phones do a lot, but can they time sprints?


Have a character wear a costume/disguise

As long as they put some glasses on, no one will know the difference.


Just check this

Pretty simple, right?


Invent a word or use a word of the day

You can’t just invent words! Who do you think you are? Shakespeare?

Wrote up like this

Write in your pajamas

Writing is easier when you’re comfy.

Writing Among the Stars

Write in an iconic L.A. spot

La Brea Tar Pits, The Griffith Observatory, the Dolby Theatre, Universal Studios, Disneyland. The possibilities around here are limitless.

Like our soccer team, this is a terrible pun. Or you’re writing on the Walk of Fame.

Origin Story

Include a flashback in your novel

Because every hero needs an origin.