Pep Talk

There are eight days left. Eight days.

How have we come so far so quickly? Blast off seems like ancient history and yet the end of the month seems impossibly close. It’s the NaNo time warp, I suppose. If you are done already or so close you have no doubts, you probably aren’t even reading this. And that’s fine.

This is for the rest of us. The ones who agreed to go for the impossible, and even if it feels impossible still, we are still showing up. There is magic in that. Do you feel it?

Think back to when you thought doing NaNo was a good idea. Take a few deep breaths and remember. The joy, the excitement, the trepidation, the thrill of embarking on a dream. Settle down with those feelings and breathe.

Close your eyes, and let your characters gather around you. See their faces and hold their hands. Why did you fall in love with them in the first place? Take a few more deep breaths, and just listen to them for a moment. Let them tell you why they chose you.

Breath deep and remember the story burning inside you. Did it creep into your dreams? How many years has it been percolating in your thoughts, niggling at the back of your brain. What twists did you plan? What message did you want to share?

Take another deep breath, and utter the words “I AM a writer.” Whisper them if you have to, “I AM an author.” Let the words wash over you and seep into your being. “I AM an author.” Now take another deep breath and let the truth of that sink in.

Adjust yourself in your chair. Wiggle those fingers. Stretch or crack your back. And come back to the pages of your novel.

Your story awaits you. It’s yours; you are the only one who knows how to write it. In just eight days, you’ll be able to say “I wrote a book.”

You are an author and you can do this. You ARE DOING this. Keep going.

Write on! Jules

PS Think of your favorite book. Now imagine a world where that author gave into self doubt and never wrote it.Who are you to deny the world your story? Write on….

A Penny for Your Thoughts?