Thus it begins…

September is upon us, Winter is Coming, and before that, NANOWRIMO.

I know, three whole months away, but that’s like a second to Nicholas Flamel. I’ve barely begun thinking about planning, but as I can attest, as the forum moderator for NaNo Prep, there are many who are starting to panic, I mean plan. Such as my lovely co-ML Alexis who has a plan for all of us this next few weeks.

9 Weeks of NaNo Prep

You read that right.

Starting September 1st and running all the way through to October 31st, Alexis will be posting tasks, tips, and worksheets to help you get perfectly planned before the clock strikes NaNo.

She’d be posting to FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest and we will be backing up her worksheets to

Note the Prep posts to Facebook will be mostly contained to a secondary Facebook Group: NaNoLA Prep: 9 Weeks to NaNoWriMo so as to not fill your feed endlessly. We will have periodic reminders, and the group is set to ‘open’ so the posts should be visible, even if you aren’t sure you want to join.

There Will Be Events!
Remember last year when we kept moving events to weird times and places and no one knew went anything was happening?

That sucked. We resolved that it would not be happening again.


Kick Off 2017
El Cholo Pasadena
Sunday, October 29th 3-5pm

Midnight Blast-Off 2017
Dupars Pasadena
Tuesday, October 31st 10pm-Wednesday, November 1st 2AM

T.G.I.O 2017
Geeky Teas in Burbank
Sunday, December 3rd 3-5pm

We are a little skewed towards Eastside this year, but I know we have several write ins already in the works for the Westside. And because of the whole “NaNo starts on a Wednesday” thing Blast-Off is held where the host lives, so if someone wants to host completing events elsewhere, I’m sure Julie will not feel slighted.

Wait… did I forget… oh shit, I forgot!

Welcome Julie, our new Muncipial Liaison!
Julie, aka auelocks (that’s ‘gold e locks’), previously was Municipal Liaison for Idyllwild, CA with Betty (surfwriter). She’s replacing Toni who had to step down because life decided to happen (shakes fist at life). Julie’s in Pasadena and will likely be hosting at Dupars and/or Game Empire this November.

Hopefully I didn’t forget anything else important, if I did, you’ll get an update in like two/three weeks.

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