Not the Pep Talk you Deserve, but likely the Pep Talk you need.

Hi peoples.

I’m so tired I’m falling back on things I used to say as a ten year old. Yeah, I was all about the double plurals back then.

Being tired is important. See, I barely (in my mind) got through my daily word count. I did it, but now I want to roll up in a ball and sleep before returning to work tomorrow. But I got through that word count and am now writing a ‘pep’ talk.

See, I had this massive idea for like a weird ass regional theme for NaNo this year. We had it all planned out. It involved zombies and no blood or gore (unlikely certain TV shows that will remain nameless). Because we are zombies right now, it just hit me earlier than expected. So you’re getting the zombies, but not the spacy part, because I kept thinking I’d have a chance to write it all out and then I kept forgetting. And now it’s the first and its a little late.

And really we don’t need a theme. We just need our novels and our ideas (or lack of ideas, no plot no problem right?). Though if you like themes, you should totally tell HQ dinosaurs for next year. The MLs (and I mean ALL the MLs in the WORLD) are lobbying for dinosaurs for next year.

Where was I? Right, Rambling. Hm, what? You’re telling me to go to bed? Or are you telling me writing a pep talk during November totally counts to my word count total?

Anyway, I think this shows that you can always make your word count even if you are busy, work full time, and really want to eat that cake that sitting right over there.

I think it might be time for bed.

Right after cake.

A Penny for Your Thoughts?