2015 NaNo Los Angeles Anthology Submissions!

lemur2014lrWe want your story for the 2015 NaNoLosAngeles Anthology!

For the glamorous year of 2015, Lemur Publishing invites all LA WriMos and Honolulu WriMos (Our 2015 Sister City) and anyone who subscribes to either regions, regardless of where you live, to submit short stories for the 2015 anthology.

Last year’s theme was the Unreliable Narrator and the prompt was to use the sentence, “A cuticle in the space station.” Check out the book, BELIEVE ME NOT. Heck, order a book, it’s pretty, it’s fun and benefits NaNoWriMo!

This year we’re changing it up a bit. The theme is TIME. This can mean the following or many other things:
-A ticking clock
-A magical moment in time
-Stopping time
-Time travel
-The passing of time
-Flashbacks & flash forwards
-Nonlinear narrative

TIME should be a central element, either thematically or structurally to the story.

Your prompt is that the story must contain an Oops moment—A mistake must be made. So this year, we’re not forcing an exact phrase on you, but we do want A MISTAKE by someone or something.

If you can organically use a NaNo Icon – you get bonus points from the judges. Basic Icons include:
-A viking helmet
-Traveling shovel of death
-Plot bunny
-A knight (of Nanolot)
-A dragon
-A trebuchet
-A lemur (especially a caffeinated lemur stuck in traffic.)
-A squid (Honolulu’s mascot – it produces ink!)
-Guilt monkey(s)
-The Inner Editor (Caged, trapped in Purgatory, or running free stomping on your imagination.)
-The muse
-A magnifying glass
-The eleventh hour (Did we mention the theme was time?)
-An African swallow
-The Book of NaNo
-Mr. Ian Woon (Naomi Worn, Ian Monrow, or any other anagram for nanowrimo.)

For more information on NaNo Icons – please see the descriptions at Lemur-Publishing.com/hunting-nano-icons-like-a-stealthy-ninja.


Due Date: April 6, 2015

Submit to: LemurPublishing@gmail.com (Ref: Anthology 2015 submission) 

We especially want to encourage young authors. Let us know if you are submitting as a young author (17 and under).

Submissions guidelines:

-We love all genres!
-4000 words or less. (Flash fiction is also great.)
-Something approximating standard manuscript format and sent as .doc (not .docx), .rtf, or plain-text attachments.
-Please do not copy/paste your entire story in the email.
-Grammar questions – Check the Chicago Manual of Style (free trial) or do a search on Grammar Girl.
-Please spell check and proof your story before you submit.
-We highly recommend you have a friend read your story before submission.

-Each submission will be personally confirmed.
We want TIME and an OOOPS!
Have fun,

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