GLAWS Offer for WriMos


Have you done NaNo in the past and wondered what to do with that magnificent, intimidating, joyful and tragic piece of works you finished in the chaotic rush of November?  Are you looking at your first NaNo and wondering what you are going to do if you actually FINISH?!?  One thing you might want to consider is joining a local writing group or writing society.  Or you can look for professional conventions that will help educate you on both your writing craft and the industry of writing and publishing.

This year the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society has a special offer of both…for Wrimos only!

The Digital Author & Indie/Self-Publishing Conference

GLAWS is sponsoring all Wrimos for the club discounted rate on this amazing festival offered by West Cost Writers Conferences.  The Annual Digital Author and Indie Self-Publishing Conference is focused on the new paradigms for authors in an increasingly digital world where the publishing giants are Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Author Solutions, and other digital resources, rather than the “Big Five” Publishers. As the market changes, many authors are now publishing through a growing field of “Independents”, or becoming their own publisher.

Click HERE to register!  You can choose one, two or all the days at a discounted rate for each.

GLAWS Memberships – ONLY $30 for Wrimos

For this year, NaNo will offer a discount membership to everyone participating in National Novel Writing Month.  The Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyTM,GLAWSTM, is a 501(c) non-profit that provides a forum for writers of all disciplines to meet and improve their knowledge of the craft and business of writing. GLAWS accomplishes this through Special Speaker Events, genre-specific critique groups, discussion forums, workshops, conferences, and other events that educate and mentor writers in all genres and levels of expertise.

The annual membership fee to join is normally $45 with a $10 onetime setup fee.  This year, GLAWS is offering you the opportunity to join this supportive and professional organization for only $30 (no setup fee) for the first year.  This discount will be available starting November 1st.

Click HERE for information how to join.

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