Anthology Submissions Request!

Lucky WritingThat’s right, this is your opportunity to be published in an exclusive Anthology collection to be published via CreateSpace as a $3.99 eBook or $18 printed book with original cover art. And no, you don’t need to live in LA.

Here’s the challenge: Write a short story, less than 4000 words, from the point of view of an UNRELIABLE NARRATOR. Now here’s the hard part, you have to use the idea of “A Cuticle in the Space Station,” as either an actual phrase, an event, a metaphor, or something loosely related.

  1. The Deadline: April 6, midnight, Pacific Time.
  2. Submit to (or Questions):  (Reference: Unreliable Narrator – Your Name)
  3. The Judges: The Improv for Writers – LA Writing Group
  4. The profits will be used to sponsor NaNoWriMo Events in Los Angeles. (Like the nacho bar at Kick-off!)

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