2013 Adopt-a-Day

Last year we had Adopt-a-Day, which was pretty fun and great motivation for people to write and donate, and since our NaNo Los Angeles theme these year is Fairy Tales it’s only fitting that everyone gets a chance to be a NaNo Fairy Godmother/Godfather.

What is Adopt-a-Day? 

Any Wrimo can sign up, post a fun Nano challenge, then pick a winner and donate $10 in the winner’s name. The winner then receives a HALO and is entered in the Halo Raffle which has fabulous prizes, including an iPad Mini.

FairyHow to be a NaNo Fairy Godparent?

  • Pick one day of November’s 30 days still available and sign up for a day in this Spreadsheet.
  • On your day, in the MORNING, please post a new thread in the LA Forum labeled “Adopt-a-Day, Nov. 8,” or whatever your date is.
  • Post a fabulous, glamorous, fun, silly, or fairy tale styled challenge to your fellow WriMos.
  • End of the day (After 10pm), Pick a winner and announce it on your thread.
  • Embrace your inner Fairy Godmother, spin around the room, and wave your magic wand.
  • Go to the Donation Store, and donate $10 in your winner’s name. (A window will ask who the donation is for.)
  • A HALO will then magically appear on your winner’s profile. Yay!

What kind of Challenges are posted?

  • Today is devoted to body disposal. Tell me your most unusual method to dispose of a body, dead or alive.
  • How might the number 1,667 be significant to a character?
  • Today is devoted to Fairy Tales. Invent a title for a NEW Fairy Tale destined to become a classic.
  • Create a 500 year old tradition which takes place in the Kingdom of NaNoLot.
  • Write a Haiku about Wombats or Vikings.

The challenges you can come up with are endless! Like our sticker for for this year says: Let your Imagination Grow! 1-jack-print

You get the idea – Have fun!!

There are still plenty of days left, so picked your favorite day and become a NaNo-Fairy GodParent!

Any questions – Write to Sara McBride at smcbride (at) caltech (dot) edu


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