Halo Raffle!

Back by popular demand is the Halo Raffle!

There are TWO ways to earn a ticket:

1.) To enter this Halo Raffle you must have a halo (When you’ve donated $10 through Office of Letters and Light, you will get a halo on your NaNoWriMo profile picture.). Then you must POST YOUR NAME ON THIS THREAD to be entered in the raffle.

You can also get a halo by participating and winning one of our Adopt-a-Day challenges.

2.) You can also earn a ticket if you Donate $10 to our “Chip-In” Fund widget on the left side bar. All you need to do is click on “Chip-In” and donate, then NaNoMail Me (AthenaKTT ) with your email name and NaNoName. Also don’t forget enter your name on the Halo Raffle thread as a “Chip-In” donor.

If you donate to both, YOU CAN EARN 2 TICKETS for the raffle!

The HALO RAFFLE PRIZES are awarded to 4 lucky winners from the Halo Raffle drawing at the TGIO party on Dec. 1. You do not need to attend the TGIO party to win. Winners will be posted on the forum and in their NanoMail on Dec. 2.

Now onto the prizes! And the prizes are… Drum roll please…

  1.  Brand new KINDLE, 6″ ink display (Note: Does not ship out until Dec. 21.)
  2. The STORYIST, great writing program for (Mac ONLY; Donated by fellow San Francisco WriMo Steve Shepard, Storyist)
  3. The WRITER’S TOOL KIT & STORYMATIC Card Set + Several Writing Books (Donated by Cybele, LA’s first ML)
  4. A top SECRET PRIZE that you can only learn about at write-ins or events.

So donate at the donation station and get a chance to win these awesome prizes!

4 Replies to “Halo Raffle!”

    1. athenaktt Post author

      Hi Nandini,

      Actually the Stay Classy Fundraising page isn’t the same as the OLL donation page. Donating through there doesn’t get you a Halo, sorry. This has been a question we get asked every year.

      The main reason is because the Stay Classy Fundraising is a different system than the OLL donation store fundraising system and there is no way as of yet to combine them for donors who donate in both places. Again I apologize.

    1. athenaktt Post author

      hi Dragonmaiden84toni,

      What is your NaNoWriMo Name?

      If you posted on the halo raffle thread, you’ll be entered in the raffle, but unfortunately, we can’t give a halo over your picture since “Chip-In” funds go to funding NaNo Los Angeles events and prizes. Only donations through the NaNoWriMo Site donations will get you a halo.

      Even though you don’t have a halo, you are still entered in the raffle. Just make sure you post in the Halo Raffle thread! Thanks for your support!


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