It’s (Almost) Time!

I’m looking at the countdown clock on our site, and we have about one more day before we start our novels and race towards 50,000 words!

Tomorrow is Halloween.  Most non-WriMos are probably going to be out trick or treating, going to parties, or going about their day. But for WriMos, we’ll probably still be doing non-WriMos things to blend in. While we are “blending in”, we’re also gathering ideas and characters to put into our novels.  But come 11:59:59. We’ll be ready to start writing our first words to greet NOVEMBER 1!

For those who don’t want to “blend in” with the non-WriMos, NaNo Los Angeles has a few events going on to ring in November 1st!

[Hollywood] Midnight Blast-Off

Location: IHOP Restaurant, 7006 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Date(s): October 31st thru November 1st
Time: 8:00pm – 2:00am
Details: The fourteenth National Novel Writing Month starts October 31st at midnight. Start it off right with a write in! We will be there as early as 8pm hanging out and will start writing our novels at 1.11.12 00:00:01 precisely. Feel free to arrive straight from a Halloween party and in costume.
There is power and parking but no internet (unless you bring it with you). We usually sit in the back near the emergency exit.

Your MLs Xander (ArtofCheatery) and Chris (SpaceXDebris) will be there with NaNo/Screnzy Veterans writing team getting ready to write the moment NaNoWriMo starts. You should join them if you can!

RSVPs are not mandatory, but you can RSVP here.

[Google Hangouts] Midnight Google+ Hangout

For those who do not want to venture outside on Hallow’s Eve, I (Jennie/AthenaKTT) am going to hold a NaNoLosAngeles Google+ Hangout! If you have a Google+ account, make sure to circle us, so we can invite you to our hangout.

Date: October 31, 2012
Time: 11PM – Midnight (PST)
Location: Google Hangout at NaNoLosAngeles G+ Page
Details: Google Hangouts is a video chat feature available to Google+ users and you’ll need to install a plugin to use this video chat feature. However, a microphone and webcam are NOT mandatory. You can still join the voice chat with just your mic. There is also a chat window in the hangout. So you can video chat and type chat too! Lucky might also make an appearance too!

There is a 10 person limit for each Hangout. But I have noticed that if people can’t make it into a large hangout, they kind of start their own chats in the comment sections of the Hangout’s post, and as people drop out of the hangout other people can join in.

Oops! Almost forgot!

[South Bay] South Bay Midnight Blast-off @ Denny’s (on Hawthorne near Del Amo)

Location: Denny’s, 21270 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503
Date: 10/31~11/1
Time: 10pm-1am (possibly later if we feel like it)
Details/Info: Nitaspitas will be there in a Red Riding Hood costume pieced together from clothes her closet; with a laptop and some table tents. Join her in costume or bring a fun hat to wear if you want 😀 According to Yelp, there’s free wifi and a private parking lot at this location, but she’s never actually been, so you guys will have to play the outlet situation by ear. Power strips will be available in case they’re needed. RSVP on the South Bay Sub-forum thread or through Nanomail–not required, but if you let Nita know you’re coming, she’ll send you a message with her cellphone number in case you have trouble finding them.

Once midnight hits, we’ll all blast off and start typing our hearts out!

A Penny for Your Thoughts?