One way we’re planning to beat those Atlanta Pandas and Seattle Ducks is by doing Adopt-a-Day.

Every year the Atlanta Panda have Adopt-A-Day which is lots of fun and motivates people to write and donate. So thanks, pandas! We’re going take your brilliant weapon idea and turn it against you adopt Adopt-a-Day!

How Does This Work?

Adopt-a-Day is quite simple. Each of November’s 30 days is up for adoption:

  1. Pick one day of November’s 30 days. (Respond on the regional thread to adopt your day.)
  2. On your day (or night before), start a thread in the regional forum like so: [Adopt-A-Day: Nov 1] SpaceXDebris’s Big Boom Challenge” or “[Adopt-A-Day: Nov 1] sponsored by SpaceXDebris.”
  3. In your thread, post a mini pep talk or a challenge or a dare for that day or anything you like.

How Do I Participate in a Day That’s Been Adopted?

You write. This is an an all day word war from Midnight to 11:59:59 PM. Post your initial word count to the thread to accept the challenge. At the end of the day, post your new total and also your word count for the day. The adopter then bequeaths a Halo to the winner by donating $10 in his or her name.

If the winner already has a Halo, then the adopter can then give a Halo to next person or next next person down the line.

How Do I Give Someone Else a Halo?

Go to the Donation Station as usual, and click on “Cherished Friends.” In the space for “Script Frenzy/NaNoWriMo Username” write the winner’s NaNoWriMo user name. Then finish up the donation process as usual.

What Days Are Available?

The free and reserved days can be found on this Google spreadsheet

There are still plenty of days left, so reserve your day at the Regional forum today!

A Penny for Your Thoughts?