NaNoLosAngeles Will Conquer the Tri-State Tri-City Area!

It is not uncommon for a couple regions to have friendly competitions during NaNoWriMo to motivate WriMos to write more words and donate more, but this year we’re going to have a TRI-CITY TOURNAMENT!

For the first time in NaNoWriMo history, there will be a tournament between the Atlanta Pandas, Seattle Ducks, and Los Angeles Lemurs!

What does that mean?

We need to write more (on average) and donate more (on average) than both of those cities, as judged by the Word Count Scoreboard and the Donation Derby on Dec. 1st.

How can you help?

Just do what you do best in November. Write! Write as much as you can during November! If you can, donate and get friends and family to donate. Just remember to have Los Angeles listed as your “Home” region.

I believe our Los Angeles Troop of Lemurs can win this! Last year we beat the ducks by $35 in total donations. This year lets leave them paddling in the water!

Don’t forget to stop by the Region’s “Tri-City Competition” thread to share your success and dares to help motivate your fellow Lemurs to conquer the Tri-State Area Tri-City War!

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