Chase Community Giving

Chase is holding a little voting contest. The charity with the most vote will get a $250,000 grant. There are still two more days to vote for The Office of Letters and Light/NaNoWriMo.

Here are the breakdown of the grants being given out.

o   $250,000 to the Charity receiving the most votes;
o   $100,000 to the next ten runner’s-up Charity;
o   $50,000 to the next thirty-five runner’s–up Charity;
o   $20,000 to the next fifty runner’s-up Charities;
o   $10,000 to the next one-hundred runner’s-up Charities;

NaNoWriMo is #20 right now, and each time I refresh, I see more votes coming in. So go vote WriMos! Lets see if we can get OLL up to the top ten!

Voting ends September 19, 2012. So spread the word and vote!

Here is the facebook app link:

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