You Will Finish

You Will Finish

Howdy Ho Wrimos!

We have less than five days left and we all fall into three major categories.

  1. You have written (by the end of today) exactly forty three thousand three hundred and thirty three words (I think it looks more impressive when you write it out long hand… also, more words). You will continue your steady path to the goal. You will validate on November 30th, and not a millisecond before.
  2. You have already hit fifty thousand words. You validated on November 25th, the moment the validator opened. You may have written many more words. Tweet me @nanolosangeles how many words you have written if you have. You might be interested in the Overachievers Forum.
  3. You have not written one thousand six hundred sixty seven words every day. You have thousands upon thousands of words before you reach the end. You are reading this as fast as possible checking to see if there is any important information here before to return to the word mines. We have all been there one year (or multiple years for us slow learners).

No matter which group you are in, just remember that you can finish. I’ve met people that write 50,000 words in a weekend and people that have maxed out the word counter on this site (or at least the old site, I don’t know the limit on this site) in a single month. No matter how far behind you are, you can make a comeback. My first year I was 10,000 words behind and I made it through some 5,000 word days.

You can do this, no you will do this. There is no try, do. Never give up, never surrender. Reach for the sky. Our fate is what we make. Abide by the code. Don’t cross the streams. I know what you did last summer. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh right, the thirteenth National Novel Writing Month is coming to an end in five days and you can and will complete your novel before that happens. You have three Municipal Liaisons leading a cheering section of over 9,000 fellow Wrimos in Los Angeles, not to mention over 300,000 Wrimos across the globe.

If you need extra encouragement, pop into the Shoutout Forum every thousand words and join all the others as they hit milestones. Remember that on next Saturday we will meet in Santa Monica to celebrate your victory. We expect a couple pages from your first draft of your bestselling novel. Make sure you have your time zone properly set on the website (we fell back an hour this month!) and don’t forget to validate before midnight on November 30th.

Now get back to writing before I pull out the pom poms.

Municipal Liaison, USA::California::Los Angeles

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